Refreshed Eye Cream

Refreshed Eye Cream

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VL Pure Refreshed Eye Cream is designed to support the delicate eye area with a powerful blend of ingredients to help diminish dark circles. Daily use will leave eyes looking rested and refreshed. 

Almost identical in nature to bruises, dark circles are caused by leaky capillaries. Underneath the thin skin of the under-eye area, there are intricate webs of tiny capillaries. These microscopic blood vessels are so small that red blood cells often have to line up single file to pass through. During this process, red blood cells can sometimes become stuck in the surrounding skin. To counteract this, the body sends enzymes to break down the rogue red blood cells. However, as the cells are broken down, the hemoglobin begins to oxidize, turning a tell-tale blue color, thus creating the appearance of dark circles. Arnica is a botanical ingredient derived from a plant in the sunflower family. Native to Europe, it is also rich in calming properties and flavonoids, which are polyphenolic compounds found in plants.

Refreshed Eye Cream contains beneficial botanicals like Arnica, rich in calming & flavonoid properties, as well as soybean protein, hydrolyzed rice bran protein & superoxide dismutase, that diminishes discoloration. Hydration is ensured through added jojoba seed oil, apricot seed oil, squalane & hyaluronic acid. 

Refreshed Eye Cream fortifies skin, boosts microcirculation, and refreshes under-eye darkness and puffiness. Experience the power of this luxurious cream, and see the difference it makes!

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